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Pet vaccinations should be given routinely to protect against life threatening and infectious diseases. Different vaccines will be required and recommended at various life stages. Most vaccines do not produce life long protection therefore regular boosters are needed to ensure continuous protection.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

Bordetella - Protects against the very contagious virus, kennel cough
DA2PP - This combination vaccine protects against Distemper (attacks the nervous system), Hepatitis (causes disease of the liver), Parainfluenza (contributes to kennel cough), and Parvovirus (attacks the gastrointestinal system).
Rabies - Vaccination required by law that protects against the virus that attacks the central nervous system

Other Recommended Vaccines for Dogs

Lepto - Protects against leptospirosis which causes fever, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, stiffness and muscle pain.
Rattlesnake - Protects pets from snake venom and has the potential to save lives should a bite occur
Canine Influenza - Protects against canine flu )a respiratory infection) 

Core Vaccines for Cats

FVRCP - Protects against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicvirus, and panleukopenia 

Rabies - Vaccination required by the state of Texas that protects cats from the infection which attacks the central nervous system

Other Recommended Vaccines for Cats

FeLU - Protects against a retrovirus transferred through saliva