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Meet Our Team

Melissa Parham
Practice Manager

Favorite Hobbies and Interest : I enjoy anything outside , fishing , riding horse, gardening and spend time with my family.

Pets: We have 2 dogs, Oliver and Frankie. 2 Cats , Boudreaux and Pheobe. Boudreaux is my "tripod Kitty "

This is our Oliver .

Favorite Food : King crab and alligator

Something unique about Melissa : My husband and I have to same initials . Our daughters poor teacher never knows which on of us is signing off on things .

Nick Flores

Lead Veterinary Technician

Favorite Hobbies and Interest : Watching and playing soccer. Favorite Soccer team is Chelsea F.C. He also enjoys thrift shopping.

Pets : He has 2 dogs Rocco and Rooney. Rocco is in the picture ! 2 cats Nixon and Madison and a Ball python named Nola.

Favorite Food : PIZZA! and Chinese food.

Something Unique about Nick :

He has 2 brothers that are also Veterinary Technicians around the San Antonio Area.

Shelby Bostian

Veterinary Technician

Hobbies and Interests : Ready , running and playing the guitar.

Pets: 2 dogs, Zombie and Scout and a cat , Vincent.

Favorite Food : Indian .

Something Unique About Shelby: I collect oddities.